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Let's Check In To See How The New York City Subway Is Doing These Days

New York is dead? NEW YORK IS DEAD?!? My friends, this video is proof that New York has never been more alive! Oh some attention-craved looney toon is dressed up in an outfit that touches the borders of outrageous and clinical while acting like an absolute buffoon in ways that your overtired brain couldn't have even fathomed when it woke that morning? Well best to just stare straight ahead and wonder how long it will be until you will are given sweet release from this simulation that grows darker by the minute! I haven't rode the subway since lockdown happened back in March and I imagine it will be at least a full year from then before I ride it again because Big Rona continues to put up numbers on this country's defense like Patrick Mahomes. But it's nice to know that nothing has changed in that underground labyrinth of dreams and nightmares where everything is completely normal, no matter how fucked it is.