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WFAN Caller Asks Francesa To Rate Caitlyn Jenner On A Scale Of 1-10

“Not, not, not uhhh…not exactly my type”

Mike breaking down Joe Benigno’s slip up with Caitlyn Jenner:

The Pope doesnt like Cait Linjenuh. Not into her. Not that theahs anything wrawng with it. She’s just not his type, ok?

There are very, very few things that are more entertaining than Francesa tip toeing his way around these types of issues. Any time there’s any sort of discussions about gay people or sex or anything like that the Pope gets so tight. Its like the only time he doesn’t just let it fly and say whatever is on his mind. Like when he’s talking hockey, he knows he doesn’t know shit about the NHL, but he just doesnt give a fuck. When he’s gotta talk about Michael Sam or someone like Bruce Jenner, he’s always on eggshells. Always aware that there are certain things he can and cant say. Long pauses. Starts a sentence, stops, restarts it with a new word choice. Always so calculated. You know he wants to just be like “I dont fucking unduhstand it, OK? Why would anyone wanna wear a brar? So uncomftabull. The undawirer digs into you, OK?”