In The Least Surprising Move Of All Time, Isiah Thomas Thinks LeBron Is The GOAT Over Michael Jordan

Well would you look at that! Who could have seen this coming? Oh that's right, everyone. This might be the least surprising tweet you'll ever see. We all watched The Last Dance. We know that these two hate each other like poison

Sidenote - Remember how huge of a deal it was that the internet bullied ESPN into releasing this early? Every Sunday was MUST WATCH because of how starved for sports we all were. That was only about one month into all this bullshit. I have to be honest, I don't even remember April. That may as well have been 50 years ago.

So if you think Isiah was going to pass up the opportunity to take a dig at MJ with a tweet like that right before LeBron has a chance to win his 4th ring, well you my friend have no idea how beefs work. You know deep down it's going to annoy the shit out of MJ with how much GOAT talk LeBron is going to get if they win the title tomorrow night. Isiah knows what he's doing. The beauty of that tweet isn't just the GOAT part either. It's the "best and most complete" part that you know he was smiling as he typed. 

It just goes to show, pettiness does not have an expiration date. Especially with these two. Isiah most definitely still holds a grudge about being left off Team USA and Jordan still has a problem with how Isiah and the Pistons walked off the court. Sadly though, I don't think we'll get a response from Jordan but man do I wish someone would show him this tweet and then record his reaction. Give the people what they want.