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I Absolutely Love This Dude Catching A Huge Pike During A Wedding

I just couldn't love this move any more.  When somebody sent this submission in and I first watched it, I was intrigued by the concept but figured it would be some little bluegill or maybe a tiny bass, which is cool, but more for effect than anything else.  NOPE.  Its a very fair sized Northern Pike that actually was fighting its ass off.  I was on the edge of my seat when this dude was going down the rocks because I figured he was destined for a swim in the drink as soon as you heard the people in the background.  

I wouldn't blame him if it happened either.  You have a couple cocktails, get a nice little buzz going and you see the fishing rod sitting near the catering truck and decide to be a hero... next thing you know that 4th Open Bar party favor kicks in and you're basically standing on a teeter totter before- SPLASH!  You are soaking wet and the joke of the party.  Its a FINE line and this guy walked it like a Flying Wallenda Brother.  Best Wedding stunt I have seen since John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey were traipsing around the DMV.