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How Can Anyone Trust Roger Goodell To Run the NFL When He Fucked Up the Ray Rice Decision So Badly?

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CBS – Many believed it was a matter of when — not if — someone would leak additional footage of the Ray Rice elevator incident. They were right. Early Monday, TMZ published what it said was video from inside the elevator at the shuttered Revel Casino in Atlantic City, where Rice was arrested on Feb. 15 for a domestic dispute involving his now-wife Janay. The video shows Rice hitting Janay with his left hand, which knocks her into the railing before she hits the floor. Rice then drags his apparently unconscious fiancee out of the elevator.


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Everyone is in agreement that Roger Goodell did nothing short of an abortion on the Ray Rice case. From start to finish, Goodell and the NFL butchered this situation about as badly as they could. They had a chance to take a stand against domestic violence. In a league where week after week someone new gets a DUI to the point we don’t even bat an eye, where another guy is suspended for doing steroids or drugs on a weekly basis, the NFL is not known for being a clean cut league by any stance. If you take a second and really think about it, it’s remarkable how many people we cheer for every week- multi-millionaires, many younger than us, grace our televisions and we lose our minds over every last rushing yard or incomplete pass. So when Ray Rice slugged his fiance (now wife), the NFL, namely Roger Goodell who runs the league with czar-like control, had the chance to make a grand-statement against domestic violence in a way they haven’t been able to do about drugs, drinking and driving, or beating puppies. (But remember kids, don’t take a hit of a bong or pop an adderall.) And what did Goodell do? Suspended Ray Rice for 2 games. 2. We all lost our minds when that decision came down a few weeks ago, and now that the video was released, we are collectively losing our minds again. We, as normal thinking human beings, simply cannot comprehend how Goodell could see that video and decide 2 games is what he wants to suspend Ray Rice. How he could see that video and not want to make an example out of Ray Rice? How he could see that video and not feel angry, sad, and disgusted and then not decide that type of behavior is not acceptable in his league? Seriously, what world is Roger Goodell living in? Now, there are mixed reports on if Goodell actually saw the tape before handing down the suspension. It’s hard for me to believe he wouldn’t immediately request to see the tape. Of course now that we’ve seen it, Goodell would say he didn’t see it in order to cover his tracks. It’s simply impossible to believe Goodell didn’t see it. That’s what is scary. He saw it and decided 2 games is fair. Disgusting.

Now, I’m not going to say Ray Rice should be blacklisted from football. We’ve had killers play in the NFL. We’ve had puppy stranglers play in the NFL. I do believe in second chances. If you do your time and someone wants to give you a job, you have the right to play. What’s sickening is Ray Rice isn’t doing an iota of time. Somehow Roger Goodell is coming out of this situation looking worse than Ray Rice. Rice made a huge mistake. Roger Goodell had the chance to punish him for that mistake and he didn’t. My Twitter suspension for blogging about boobs is going to be longer than Ray Rice’s for knocking out his fiance in an elevator and then dragging her body across the floor. It makes me uncomfortable that Roger Goodell is in charge of running this league. We already knew he fucking sucks…he’s made 100 changes that hurt the on-field product in the last few years. But now we can’t trust him to make off-field decisions either. He lives in another universe where whatever is in his head is right, using zero logic or thought process. I don’t know how the team owners can trust that guy running the league.