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I Love The CEO Of CBS Les Moonves Not Tipping The Valet Because All He Has Are 100 Dollar Bills


Man I love this. When you’re too rich to tip. That’s when you know you’ve made it. Well I guess Les Moonves knew he made it long before that, seeing as he made 67 million dollars last year, but guess what? You don’t make 67 million dollars a year by tipping some valet guy $100. That’s what people don’t get. If every rich guy started handing out money like that, they wouldn’t be rich for long. Think horses just grow on trees? No, you don’t offer benefits. So yea, $100 to drive a car around the corner? That means he could only valet his car 670,000 times this year and still turn a profit. Not worth the risk. If that valet guy wanted to be tipped he should have been parking cars at a Holiday Inn, not at a billionaire’s birthday party.


PS: Now the valet is going to get like 10 Gs right? Any time one of these videos goes viral, it’s payday city. Moonves is going to hook this guy up, and all because he wouldn’t tip a Benjy.