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Cut Ray Rice Now



What else can I say? It’s been a long few months. I believed the evidence was damning enough before today’s video came out to cut him. We knew this video was coming. And I was kind of thinking it might make the 2 game suspension make sense. How can someone knock out their fiance and only get two games? But it didn’t. It did the opposite. This new video in the elevator is disgusting. And graphic. It was brutal to watch. I haven’t been a part of the small percentage of Ravens fans that have sugar coated this situation from the start. The Ravens fans that clapped for him are the minority. They disgust me. The people who still support Ray Rice are the minority. But they make headlines and get clicks. And it sucks. But at the end of the day the stories of his work in the community and his reputation prior to this incident were all very real. I can speak on that from first hand experience with Ray himself. All of that is a lie. Ray Rice is not the man we thought he was.

Before today, it was abundantly clear that the Ravens organization was going to stick by him. Reports say they hadn’t seen the video, but Ray’s description to them of the incident was in line with the tape. While I see the merit to forgiveness and giving second chances, this doesn’t fall under that umbrella. You can’t keep a guy after something like this. Completely sends the wrong message. I said it once before, and I’ll say it again. John Harbaugh has a serious case of Michael Scott syndrome. The “family” concept is great football rhetoric, but it can’t be taken too literally. This is still a business. Supporting domestic violence is terrible terrible look for business (the fact that is a sentence I have to write about the football team I cheer for is disgusting). They fucked up how they handled this situation once. It’s too late to undo that damage. But they get another chance to at least do the right thing. It’s a no-brainer at this point.


Cut him.