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Texas Football Recruit Fails Spanish Class On Purpose To Get Out Of His Commitment To The Longhorns

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MyStatesman – Recruiting is full of wild, almost unbelievable stories. The curious tale of Du’Vonta Lampkin is, shall we say, loco. The defensive tackle from Houston Cypress Falls appears to be tanking his academics just to avoid playing for the Longhorns. Only Texas might not let him go as freely as he hopes.

When contacted Monday by the American-Statesman, Lampkin said, “I’m not trying to do any interviews.” Asked whether his transcript was incomplete, Lampkin said, “Yeah, that’s true.” Asked whether he was indeed looking to land at Oklahoma, he said, “Hey, I got to go, man.” Click.

Whether the three-star lineman stays with his Texas pledge, heads to OU or goes elsewhere is a total mystery. The only thing certain is that as of Monday, Lampkin had not been released from his Texas letter of intent.

“Charlie (Strong) and I haven’t sat down and talked about it yet,” Texas men’s athletic director Steve Patterson told the American-Statesman. “Once we get a chance to talk, we’ll look at it.”

This all began Saturday when Lampkin tweeted an out-of-the-blue apology to Texas fans that he wouldn’t be on campus this fall. “Texas will always be in my heart but theres (sic) certain obstacles i have to face!” he tweeted.

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The Cypress Creek Mirror reported that he still had to complete a Spanish course to fulfill his foreign language requirements.

“If anything, I may land at Oklahoma,” Lampkin told the Mirror. “So, as soon as everything dials down, I’m going to contact (Bob) Stoops and see if they have any scholarships available for me.”

According to the National Letter of Intent program rules, if an athlete is denied admission to the university, then he or she is free to go elsewhere without penalty.

The Texas admissions office could delay a decision for weeks, possibly months, and that could keep Lampkin sidelined through August training camp. Or he could even be given provisional entry status at UT. If that happened, all NLI penalty rules come into play, and he could lose a year of eligibility.


And according to NCAA rules, coaches at other schools are not allowed to speak with players signed elsewhere.

I would have to say that this is a new low point for Texas football right? A kid tanking his high school Spanish class to fail on purpose so he can get out of playing for you? Like he sees his commitment to the Longhorns as such a huge mistake that he would rather flunk out of high school and go to junior college than have to honor it. One of your big time recruits telling newspapers and Twitter that all he wants to do is play for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma, a recruit that you desperately needed to shore up your D line by the way. Makes me sad. College football is just better when Texas is a major player and not in the news for getting cuckolded by teenagers. Not just making mountains of money off TV contracts, but actually having a good team on the field. The Texas I know doesn’t have recruits flunking high school Spanish to find an NCAA loophole out of playing Longhorn football. They flunk Spanish all on their own accord, accidentally.

Looks like Charlie Strong needs to add another Core Value about Honoring Commitments.

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Probably more important than #2 TBH.