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Morgan Wallen Axed From SNL After Partying With Every Sorority Girl at the University of Alabama

After a weekend which seemingly consisted of partying and making out with every single sorority member at the University of Alabama, Morgan Wallen's scheduled appearance on this week's edition of Saturday Night Live was scrapped by the show due to COVID protocols.

"I was getting ready for SNL this Saturday and I got a call from the show that I will no longer be able to play," Wallen said in an Instagram post. "My actions this past weekend were pretty short-sighted and they have obviously affected my long-term goals and my dreams."

I don't know exactly what all SNL is doing in terms of guests with New York technically having a two-week quarantine in place for travelers from virtually every other state — something tells me they've found a way around that — but it becomes increasingly difficult to ease concerns of others when your scheduled musical guest just went super viral for making out with college girls at every bar in Tuscaloosa a few days ago.

So yeah, not exactly a shocker that SNL had to pull the plug.

It's hard to feel bad for the guy when this is pretty much entirely his fault. And given the fact that he does have a baby at home with another woman, it doesn't exactly sit very well with me that he's out seemingly without a care in the world for his family.

But damn it if "Had Me By Halftime" and "Chasin' You" aren't two of the best songs I've ever heard. Separate the art from the artist, I suppose.