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The Predators Just Won The NHL Draft By Taking Gunnarwolfe Fontaine. GUNNARWOLFE!



Amazing name. Incredible name. But you know what he has to do now? GET RID OF HIS LAST NAME. Be like Prince. Be simply "Gunnarwolfe". Get that name on the back of your jersey and you are rich 1000x over in merch sales. You'll get called up to the show simply for the revenue. Fontaine isn't the worst last name, but if there is a PREDATORS jersey with the name GUNNARWOLFE on the back, you better believe he's selling as many sweaters as Ovi and McDavid.

And here I thought the Caps won the draft by taking a kid out of Idaho named Bear. Bear Hughes.



Actually now that I think about it, I might have to do a best name blog, because the Caps first round pick is named Hendrix which is an elite name, and Stars took Mavrik



A Mavrik in Dallas, you can't script it much better than that.

But Gunnarwolfe wins the draft. 1000% if his name was "John" he goes undrafted. 100000000%.