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Iman Shumpert Doesn't Want To Play In California For The Finals Because He Watched San Andreas Last Night

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Talk about a fortuitous bounce for the Warriors huh? Not enough that they already have the best homecourt advantage in the playoffs, now they have Cavs players watching a fictional movie with The Rock getting scared to death to travel to the West Coast. I will say this though, as much as I hate the Cavs and give them endless amounts of shit I’m actually on Iman Shumpert’s side here. You want to avoid hurricanes and earthquakes and crazy weather from the ocean you stay right in the middle of the country where it’s nice and safe. You know how I always say no one ever gets hurt sitting on their couch and that going outside is over rated? Well the Midwest is America’s couch, and I’ll be sitting on it till the day I die.





Probably my favorite thing to do whenever I meet someone from California is simply say “You know the Big One is coming right?”. Whether they want to admit it or not they know it’s the truth, that in the next 10-20 years their apartment will be in the bottom of the Pacific. Read a science book one time idiots, or watch a movie with The Rock in it.