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Gary Sanchez Has Been Benched As The Yankees Starting Catcher

We called for this to happen on the show last night and shockingly the Yankees actually went through with it. The Masahiro Tanaka-Gary Sanchez combo has been broken up. Throughout Masa's career, Gary has caught him a personal high 68 times. The next closest is Brian McCann at 55 followed by Austin Romine at 39. Sanchez has always been Masa's favorite battery mate, but circumstances have forced the Yankees management's hand. It's time for Higgy. Gary Sanchez is no longer the Yankees starting catcher whether they say it officially or not. 

Higashioka has always been the better defensive backstop, but it's the hitting that's forced this shake up. Sanchez is a walking out, missing fastballs down the dick like he's up there to strikeout on purpose. Gary struck out twice with two men on last night and had a passed ball to go with the 0 for 4 night. He's a waste up there. You're hoping for the one big swing to happen the entire time while trying to live with the invisible at bats in between. It's not a worth while situation in October when Higgy is putting together nice at bats almost every time he's in there. I also keep thinking about what woulda happened if Gary was catching Cole on Monday instead of Higashioka and there was that cross up with the bases loaded. Three runs might have come around to score. I can't deal with that shit anymore while also watching these at bats. 

The Yankees are playing the hot hand and they should continue to do so. To me this was a no brainer decision, but that doesn't always make its way to Aaron Boone and co's brain. I was as big a Gary guy as they come, but even I've seen the light. Had to make this move. Now give me playoff Masa tonight. Please, I get you. Jordan Montgomery is starting Game 4. I cannot have that be an elimination game. We need a victory tonight.