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Nick Young Proposing To Iggy Azalea On His Birthday Is The Biggest Swaggy P Move/The Dumbest Move Of All Time

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Proposing to someone on your own birthday has to be one of the dumbest, if not THE dumbest thing a human being can do. Way to ruin every birthday for the rest of your life. And it goes so deep. Ok so when you’re married- now your birthday becomes all about your bitch. All she wants to do is reminisce about the old days of dating and when you proposed, she’s not interested in giving you cake and birthday anal. Because your birthday is now about her. And then flash-forward if you will to Swaggy P and Iggy Azualalia’s eventual divorce. Great job bro, now all you can think about on your birthday is how you wasted $500,000 on that ring, how your wife fucked the entire LA Clippers, and how you are out of the league, washed up and alone.

Same goes for all the people who propose on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day every single year. I just don’t get it. Why ruin Christmas. Don’t you know every marriage ends in divorce?  That’s what you want to eventually think about every Christmas, is how you got divorced? Just let Christmas be Christmas, no need to make it all about you. There are 364 other days you can ruin by proposing, why pick Christmas? Thinking that you’re so in love is just naive. Don’t be naive. One vagina for the rest of your life? And your girl is probably a slut, think she’s not getting deep dicked by the pool guy in 15 years? Get real.

This blog has been brought to you by reality.