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I'm Co-Hosting A Podcast With A Steelers Super Bowl Champion

Yes sir! Cats out. 

I'm hopping on full-time with my guys Steven Chea and of course, as teased in the headline, Steelers Super Bowl champion Willie Colon. 

The title is a having a little fun with Steven Chea who is incredibly great at what he does and been a super good dude to me since I've gotten here, but it really is wild how life works where I watched Willie play for my favorite team for years, watched him win a Super Bowl with them, and now I get to be on a show with him. 


I'm pumped. The NFL is my favorite league, and football is my favorite sport. This show is great. Just talking ball with a little humor on the side and of course all of Steven Chea's super stats that he drops on me and Willie before Willie shakes his head and tells him to shut the fuck up. 

I'll bring more Steelers perspective and fandom to the pod, probably some Cowherd like analogies that aren't as far of a stretch, and hopefully some laughs. 

Thanks to Steven, Willie, and producer Colin for wanting me to be a part of the show. 

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