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Osi Umenyiora's Side Piece Created An Instagram Account Solely To Expose Osi's Text Messages After He Got Married

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So good news bad news Osi Umenyiora. Good news, you just got married, YAYYYY! Congrats bro, that’s awesome. Bad news, your side chicks just created an Instagram account specifically to show your now wife the relationship you were having while engaged, Booooo. But wait, back to the good news Osi, even though your side chick set this entire thing up and exposed your text messages she specifically said this is not to destroy but to build. So that’s a good thing right? She’s not trying to hurt anyone or get attention or any of that. She just wants the entire world to know that you’ve been cheating on your wife. Now that we’ve cleared that part up, let’s hop right in.




Intro – You can skip this part, it is essentially every teenage girl’s facebook page mashed into one Instagram post. Everything you see is simply smoke and mirrors, whoaaaa, how mysterious and deep.

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Alright here we go. Osi has “moved on” but he keeps saying “I love you”. Mind games? According to her they were, my guess? He just wanted to keep having sex with you when he was in town. Pretty simple. No smoke and mirrors here babe. Also that first text was awesome.


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Text 2 – Preemptive strike by Osi. This is smart thinking. You know you’ll be at a wedding with your fiancee so you throw a couple I’m in love with you’s to clean that shit right up. Vet move. Calling her a bitch, less than vet but I’m sure she’ll understand and never put these on the internet right????




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Text 3 – “You make me crazy, inside and out” is a baller text. Credit to Osi here. The way you keep a side piece around is you tell her that you are mentally turned on by her. Wonder what those convo’s were like? Super stimulating


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Text 4 – Ah the old “our love was unmatched” by the side piece. Sounds like it’s not just Osi that thinks this relationship meant more than just sex.


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.39.47 AM



Text 5 – “I’m going to be inside u as long as u let me” Osi loves being inside things, loves it.


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Text 6 – Mind game city here and some more “smoke and mirrors” again, so deep.


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Finally the ending, just to remind people that she sincerely apologizes and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt even though she chose to put these on the Internet and basically break Osi and his now wife up. But again, it’s not to destroy, it’s to build. If you would all just realize that you’d understand she’s a great person.

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Takeaway lesson. Clean that shit up before you get married Osi. Ya big dumb dumb.




Beautiful wedding though.

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