Well, This Story Of Anthony Davis Demanding To Guard Jimmy Butler In Game 4 Confirms One Thing - AD Is The Leader And Most Important Person On The Lakers

And just like that we learned the Lakers are officially Anthony Davis' team. Not that it's a surprise, the dude is a freak. But in the most important game of the season there was just one person who was so pissed, so frustrated, he had to take control. It wasn't some lame text message. It wasn't some phony book reading. Nope, it was demanding he guard the best player arguably in the playoffs. And what do you know? It worked! 

Oh and then he hit a dagger three to seal the game? 

Pretty clear No. 1 guy there. Remember what Butler did in game 3? You know, that 40-point triple-double in a win. The Lakers should be lucky they have a guy that's willing to take on this sort of defensive assignment and have the confidence to do it. That's why the Lakers are up 3-1. 

PS: Take it away Magic: