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No Offense To Doggface208, But Danny Bonaduce Had The Best Cranberry (Vodka) And Skateboard Video Of All Time

2005 was a crazy time for reality television. Some of the best trash TV shows of all time came about around then that put the garbage we have today to shame. But they came and went and have become forgotten because they existed during that weird time period where things were somewhat advanced but we still didn't have social media, or on demand everything. 

I'm talking "Surreal Life", "Joe Schmo", and "Breaking Bonaduce".

For blog purposes, we'll be discussing "Breaking Bonaduce".

This show lasted two seasons and miraculously resulted in nobody's death. (That we know of)

It followed around childhood star Danny Bonaduce, of The Partridge Family fame in his roller coaster relationship, career struggles, and drug and alcohol abuse. 

It was an absolute tornado meets trainwreck of trash tv. 

I have a really strange mind and for some reason this has occupied space in my brain for 15 years.

One episode that's always stuck out with me, was this one in reference. 

Even more so now that your boy Doggface208 is all over the place blowing up.

He's even catching a free truck in exchange for all the pub from Ocean Spray. 

Like Coley said, "feel-good story" of the year. 

But, no offense to Doggface208 here, and I'm sorry, but Danny Bonaduce had the best cranberry skateboarding video of all time.

Let me put it in context for you.

(Again, this show aired pre-on demand era so finding it anywhere online was impossible. Somehow this podcast has every episode uploaded to a google drive. So here's the link)

(The fireworks start at the 12 minute mark).

We have Danny lamenting his wife partaking in a bachelorette party and a male stripper giving her a lap dance.

Major no-no in Danny's book.

"If she's gonna have some guy gyrating his dick in her face then I'm just gonna go on a bender"

Which prompts Danny to go completely off the deep end.

He grabs his motorized longboard (again, this is 2005 so kind of impressive flex)

and proceeds to ride right down the street and into the middle of an intersection with incoming traffic.

Shirt off, he heads into a package store and comes out with an Ocean Spray bottle and a fifth of some cheap vodka.

This is the work of a master. A true artist. 

To cut right to the chase he then takes it down in one continuous sip. 

Then goes on a 4 day (?) ripper where he's out accosting female bartenders, slamming martini's, and injecting steroids in his ass.

So again, Doggface, I'm happy for you, and there are some eery similarities here, (minus the Fleetwood backing track), but either way Danny Bonaduce did it first.