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The Fleetwood Mac Cranberry Juice Guy Just Got a Brand New Truck From Ocean Spray

Remember this guy? His name is Nathan Apodaca and he became the latest viral sensation a couple weeks ago when he filmed himself skateboarding and drinking cranberry juice while Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" played in the background.

And after giving Ocean Spray quite a bit in the way of free advertising, the brand decided Apodaca might want to ride around in something a little bit cooler than his skateboard, so they gifted him a brand new truck. They made sure to fill the bed with quite a bit of cranberry juice, too.

This is a really awesome gesture for somebody who definitely did not expect to give his favorite drink brand the best ad it's ever had or put a 40-year-old song back on the charts because of one video he made. And now with more thqan two million followers on TikTok, I doubt this is the last time a brand gives Apodaca some payment for his services.

If you want your brand to be cool in 2020, have the skateboard guy make a video with your product while he's listening to a dope song from the 70s.