Tyler Herro Had To Snap At His Dad For Texting Him All The Time Making Sure Jimmy Butler Wasn't Picking On Him During Workouts

This isn't a good look for Tyler Herro's dad and I can say this as a dad. You can't let reports from the Timberwolves or shit like that determine how much you text your kid making sure he isn't being bullied. In fact I want my kid bullied by someone like Jimmy Butler to push him to get better. 

That said, I love that Tyler Herro had to tell his dad to stop. We've all been there as kids. You just want your parents to shut up about going out too much in college or something like that. Or they think you're hanging out with the 'wrong crowd' and you have to do the 'you don't know them, they are really good guys!' Granted we're not walking millionaires, but we've all had that thought to a parent once or twice. 

But then you gotta remember Jimmy loved Tyler Herro so much he created Tyler Tuesday's 

I'll still argue that Tyler Herro winning over Jimmy Butler's respect so quick was the most impressive thing in the NBA this year. Do you know how hard it is to get Jimmy Butler's respect? Go ask Andrew Wiggins or KAT. We're talking less than a month after Herro was drafted to the Heat and Butler ended up there. Dudes are just made to be best friends.