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The Only Good Story Of The Year Keeps Getting Better: Ocean Spray Gave DoggFace208 A Brand New Truck After His Fleetwood Mac Skateboarding Video Brought The World Together

So unless you've been living under the world's largest rock you have seen the video above. Just a man cruising along slugging some cranberry juice listening to the sultry sounds of Fleetwood Mac. Since then the 40-year old song has skyrocketed up the charts, Ocean Spray is flying off the shelves, and people are genuinely in a better mood just knowing Doggface is out there vibing out, living life, with nary a concern. Which is truly a miracle considering even a brief peak into this man's life would cause the vast majority of us to not have such a sunny and positive disposition on life. He was living in a trailer in a parking lot and then graduated to the same trailer in front of his brother's house.

Donations started pouring in as the views kept racking up. He started slanging merch. He had everyone from TMZ, to Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, to the aforementioned Fleetwood Mac, and Cheech and Chong reaching out. 

It was only right that Ocean Spray kept the good vibes going. They got him a truck, a $40,000 truck from the looks of it, and stocked that bitch up with enough Cranberry juice to quell even the most vicious UTI you've ever experienced.

KFC talked about it in his One Minute Man but this truly is the power of the internet being used for good for once.

Whenever people think of the old internet, that spicy Internet 1.0, everyone always harkens back to illegally downloading music and helicopters decapitating people on eBaum's World and shit like that. But the true essence of the original internet was that people had no ulterior motives. There was no endgame. It was a pure, unfiltered look at the world around us. People didn't upload pristinely filmed, hyper-edited videos to Youtube shot on professional sets in hopes of turning profit. Doggface didn't shoot this video and think, "I bet this brings Fleetwood Mac back together." This man was just thirsty and vibing and needed others to understand that his thirst had indeed been quenched and that the vibes were A-OK. And I think that's why it became this viral sensation that got people to shut up and calm down for a brief moment. It's nice to see that rewarded. In a year where you can't walk five feet without stepping knee-deep in some new, highly contagious pile of shit, we can take solace in knowing that good things are still possible.