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Fight Off All Of This Morning's Bad Juju By Watching This Video Of A Toddler And Dog Hugging Each Other

Hopped on to the bad news machine known as Twitter this morning and all I saw were tweets about NFL teams getting motherfucked by coronavirus along with the requisite tidal wave of doomsday reactions. So I decided to scroll back to this tweet I saw on Barstool's Twitter last night in order to flood all the negative thoughts in my head with some positivity. A toddler hugging a dog is cute and a dog hugging back is adorable. But watching a toddler, or to be honest any human, make this face as his best friend gets his paws into him is the finest top shelf dopamine the world has ever produced.

For the people that made it through that entire video without feeling any happiness, congratulations! 2020 has officially killed your soul and this year, or quite frankly anything, can no longer hurt you.