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Your Friendly Reminder The Philadelphia Phillies Are (Pretty Much) The Worst Team In Baseball


The 19-33 Philadelphia Phillies, a team that is only 4 short seasons away from a record setting 102 wins, are on pace for 102 losses (the Brewers are only slightly more shitty at 17-33). After 42 games they own MLB’s worst run differential at -73. That means they’re basically getting outscored by almost 2 runs/game. This team is dead LAST in the NL in runs scored, batting average (tied with Mets at .237), HR’s, slugging percentage and total bases. The Phillies have 27 home runs total this season. To put that in perspective, opposing teams have 27 dingers at CBP alone. They are 11/15 in team ERA but squads are batting a league leading .265 off Phillies pitching. Oh, they’re also 11/15 in fielding this year. Can’t hit. Can’t pitch. Can’t field. What the fuck can this team do? Lose. And lose well. In the last 25 games this squad of shits proceeded to lose 6 of 7, win 7 of 8, then drop 9 of the next 10 including the last 7 straight. Our only hope, other than Ruben Amaro being tarred and feathered up Broad St and burned at the stake at City Hall, is the Phillies KILL the next three or so drafts. Maybe then we can field a ball club that could be watchable before the turn of the century.