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This Video Of An Armed Robbery Gone Wrong Is Laugh Out Loud Funny


Hell yes.  I loved every second of that.  Nothing brings me more joy than watching a bunch of dudes who think they’re super bad ass and only to find out the opposite is true.  It’s like the episode of The Sopranos when Jackie Jr. and his buddies decide to stick up the card game to try and get themselves into that world and it becomes glaringly obvious that they ain’t bout that life.  Not in the slightest.  Well the dudes who tried to rob these people at gunpoint?  They ain’t bout that life either.  They thought they were.  They really did.  On the surface they had it all.  The guns, the masks, the getaway car.  Everything looked the part.  But when push came to shove and the shirtless fat dude came running at them with his gun drawn, they folded.  They folded like a cheap suit.  If you’re serious about being an armed robber, you stand your ground and put one in his knee.  If you’re not serious about being an armed robber, you sprint out of there with your tail between your legs and probably have piss on your pants.  Better luck next time boys.