NHL Refs And Players Mic'd Up For The Stanley Cup Final Will Never Get Old

I feel like the number of households that watched the Stanley Cup Final this year was around 17. NOBODY watched. Maybe it's because the NHL doesn't do a good enough job of highlighting the personalities which make the game compelling. The NHL should be taking this time to evaluate their product ahead of the next US television rights deal. I would LOVE it if the league made an uncensored broadcast available where EVERYONE is mic'd up and they let us fans into the game for real. Give me one game per week between two compelling teams, preferably teams that hate each other, and put that game on HBO or through Amazon Prime or some streaming service that will let the fans hear an unfiltered FUCK YOU through their TV. The NBA is a star driven league. The NHL is largely about the laundry. If the league allowed guys to be mic'd up fans could hear their personalities come through. Let people see how funny guys are, how the culture is, and what caged animals say to each other in the heat of battle. It'd be awesome. More videos like this but with the real thing. Then maybe have a broadcast booth with a straight and narrow guy like Gary Thorn next to these two