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Hey Netflix, Fuck You For Canceling GLOW

Well, this fucking sucks. GLOW is one of the best original shows that the streaming monster has produced up but now it's gonna die on the vine, "Deadwood"-style

Netflix has reversed a renewal decision on its dramedy GLOW, citing COVID-19 issues in not going forward with a fourth and final season for the series.

"We've made the difficult decision not to do a fourth season of GLOW due to COVID, which makes shooting this physically intimate show with its large ensemble cast especially challenging," said a Netflix spokesperson. "We are so grateful to creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, Jenji Kohan and all the writers, cast and crew for sharing this story about the incredible women of GLOW with us and the world."

GLOW had started production on season four, which was to have been its final one, in February. It completed one episode and started a second before the coronavirus pandemic led to production shutdowns for it and hundreds of other series and films in mid-March.

Sources cite the large ensemble cast of GLOW and the close contact and physical exertion required of its wrestling scenes as making the show tougher to produce safely during the pandemic. The additional costs related to COVID guidelines, and the fact that the series wouldn't have aired before 2022, led the Netflix's decision.

I've long sung the praises of this funny and endearing kinda-sorta fictionalized telling about the outlaw womens rasslin' outfit and its many colorful characters, both in and out of the ring. I was already familiar with the Alison Brie's excellent work via "Mad Men", "Community", and "BoJack Horseman". But I hadn't seen Betty Gilpin before and she's the one who puts the show over. Her performance as Debbie Eagan/Liberty Belle earned her well-deserved Emmy noms for each of the first three seasons. After the cancellation, Gilpin penned this great piece about her experience on the one-of-a-kind show (hell of a writer).

Speaking of "Deadwood", Marc Maron, who plays show director Sam Slyvia in a career peak, came up with the idea of wrapping things up with a movie at least so everyone gets closure.

On a cast reunion podcast he also stated, "It would be a very exciting thing and it would seem like Netflix could do it if they wanted to do it. It would probably solve the problem, it would be easier for them to do. Who the fuck knows what they're going to do, but I think it's a great idea and I hope people rally around it enough to raise the interest of the executives over there."

Of course Netflix could get it done if they wanted to. Just make like three or four fewer awful shows/movies and put that money toward GLOW. I mean, fuck, they're about to break ground on a mega-star Adam McKay picture. I'm sure they can finesse the script and provide the appropriate measures to give the GLOW cast and crew a finale they deserve. And who gives a shit if we have to wait until 2022 for a final season to give the story its proper finish? Better late than never at all. Plus, that's nothing in this day and age of years between seasons.

Hey Netflix, figure it the fuck out and give us GLOW back. #SaveGLOW