Are They Really Going To Release A Grand Theft Auto Movie Before Dropping GTA VI? #SplitScreenVote

Interesting enough.  And can you blame Rockstar or the movie industry?  Heck no.  GTA V the game was the biggest media release, wait for it, OF ALL TIME!  It has grossed more money than any movie release - EVER.  Well over $6 BILLY in the bank.  Incredible. So no shit they're going to venture into every possible medium to squeeze those milkers dry, even if GTA V (and all GTA's past III) was essentially a playable movie.

Personally, I get it, but I'd still love to see a GTA VI first.  GTA V was released, wait for it again, in 2013!!! 7 YEARS AGO!!! And although the people at Rockstar are geniuses and keep the content fresh with amazing online updates that keep the platform cooking, 7 years is 7 years.  Time for a new world, a world of...Independence City, perhaps?  A GTA game based on Philadelphia and the surrounding areas?  Think about it....

Seriously. You got the main city with all the landmarks, history, and mafia ties (they blew up the Chicken Man in Philly last night…). You have the Atlantic City coastline with casinos and people "working the streets" for days. Then you can stretch it out to the Pocono’s where all the hillbillies can breed with each other and have meth on the top of their food pyramid. Shit, you even got the Amish life going down right outside of town. It really is a perfect setting and, finally, a change up from the NYC/Liberty City and LA/San Andreas life. Do it, Rockstar.  DO IT.  

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