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Pedro Martinez Crying That Gleyber Torres Disrespected The Rays Because He Stole Second Base With a 6 Run Lead In The Postseason Is The Softest Shit I've Ever Heard

It's been a long season for the olds in the baseball world getting pissy about the unwritten rules of the sport being broken. Fact of the matter is this generation doesn't give a fuck about how they played the game in the 80s. It's a more refreshing brand of baseball and it's here to stay. Sadly last night we had more yelling at the clouds from a crying archaic loser clearly lost with the times. 

Following Giancarlo Stanton's grand slam in the top of the 9th, Gleyber Torres reached first on a base hit to center. The Yankees led the game 9-3 as they closed in on a Game 1 victory. Shane McClanahan took over following the hit, making his major league debut. On his very first pitch Gleyber took off for second and made it safely. For whatever reason Pedro Martinez of all people thought this was breaking baseball's code and said it was disrespectful. Here were his comments (I can't find a video clip). 

"Gleyber, that's a mistake. You respect the opposition because you expect them to respect you and what you do is you add fuel to the fire and later on if they bust you back, don't think that they don't respect you or they don't like you. That was a terrible mistake, I hope you learn and the next time you just don't do that."

Spare me, we've got Pedro Martinez talking about respecting the opposition. Same guy who threw a 72 year old bench coach to the ground during a brawl and he's telling the Yankees how to respect other teams! What planet am I living on? Gimme a break. 

Now we have to worry about hurting player's feelings in the POSTSEASON??!? The Yankees had literally just scored five runs in that inning so now they should let their foot off the gas because it's some guy's MLB debut? Yankees score five so it's impossible for the Rays to score 6 I'm guessing? How is that the Yankees' fault that the Kevin Cash brought in a dude to make his MLB debut in a postseason game? Take every base you can. Score as many runs as they let you. You can never assume a lead is safe in October. Pedro Martinez crying that this was disrespectful is the softest shit I've ever heard. What a fucking loser. 

Also to add to the situation, Gio Urshela and Gleyber both had fastballs thrown near their heads following the slam. Who is to say they were on purpose, but they sure were suspicious, especially Gio's that was the 2nd pitch following the blast. If we're going to say Aroldis Chapman's fastball in the regular season near Mike Brousseau's head was intentional then you have to say Gio's was. Any other response is blatantly biased. So yeah considering those fastballs as well, I have no issue whatsoever with Gleyber swiping second base. 

Fuck Pedro. Fuck the Rays. Fuck Kevin Cash.