Don't You Dare Tell Spo's Wife The Heat Don't Have A Chance This Series #NikkiSpoKnows

You might be asking why I'm blogging this. Well, first #NikkiSpoKnows is a hell of a hashtag and we just need to make that going on Instagram. And second, this is about Spo. Talk about a dude who grinded his way to the top, landed the Heat Big 3, landed Jimmy Butler, drafted Herro and Bam. Oh and married a former Heat dancer. The man just knows how to overachieve. 

Back to Spo for a second - don't worry, you can just scroll down and look at pictures if you want. I'm glad to see him getting the respect he finally deserves as a head coach. It's always weird - especially in the NBA - when you talk about coaches. You look at the greats and you realize who they coached. Phil had Kobe/Shaq, MJ/Pippen. Auerbach had Bird and that group. Pop had Duncan/Manu/Parker. Spo had LeBron/Wade/Bosh. You keep going through the list and you just figure out that yeah, great coaches have the best players to win. But now, finally, we're starting to see people talk about what Spo does better than anyone in the game. He adjusts game to game better than anyone. He has his system, but he implements things like the zone and then takes it away. He uses a bunch of people off the bench and then shortens his bench. He's so damn hard to prep for because you just don't know exactly what you're getting. Shit, even in terms of who he closes games with or uses as the person to initiate the offense. One game it's Butler then Herro then Bam then Dragic. Dude is so good.

Oh and he 100% married up. Don't you dare tell Nikki the Heat don't have a chance. If #NikkiSpoKnows then we know. Heat in 7.