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I Absolutely Love Jimmy Butler Saying The Best Game Of His Life Wasn't Game 3 ... It Was A Rec Game When He Was 17, Because He 100% Believes It

I know it's been said multiple times, but goddamn it's hard not to love Jimmy Butler. This is my favorite quote of his though. What's the best game he's ever played? A legit question! The man has played in playoff games, he's played in the NCAA Tournament, Big East Tournament, etc. There are plenty of options. Hell, the easy option was the 40-point triple double he just had in game 3 without Bam or Dragic. But nope. 

Playing in a men's rec league when he was 17. 

You know he 100% believes it too. He had the answer ready to go. There was no hesitation or anything. This was his answer when he was 17 and 27. I gotta know more about this game and rec league. Now, no big deal, but I also played in a men's league when I was 17. It was just what we did when our summer league for high school hoops ended. An assistant coach would pull us on his team so we could get extra run in together. It's also not the most difficult league to dominate when you're 17. Dudes aren't in the best shape as they get older - hot take I know. Also could you imagine being the guys in the adult league hearing this. They 100% remember playing against Jimmy Butler. 

I can't get enough J-Butt stories. Whether it was him almost quitting at Marquette because he couldn't get grits in Milwaukee: 

Or the insanity of taking off his rear view mirror to signal he'll never look back (seriously, this is a WILD CARD move)

Just give me all the Jimmy stories.