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Pakistan Leader Says Women Wearing Jeans Are Causing Earthquakes - Daily Mail

StoryPick - In a time when the world is shaken with devastating earthquakes one after another, a Pakistani political leader chose to blame women for all these disasters.
Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the chief of the Pakistani Islamic political party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F), said in a press conference in Islamabad that the chief cause of earthquakes is “jeans-wearing women”. He angrily said to the press that,“From earthquakes to inflation all kinds of disasters are caused by the immodesty of women. A woman that is not covered like a sack of flour is a walking and talking weapon of mass destruction for her state. And Pakistan has a multitude of such nuclear missiles in all its major cities”.

Listen in his defense, when there’s an earthquake in a shitty place like Pakistan, EVERYTHING is fucked. Like thousands and thousands of people die and the city is covered in rubble for like a year. So while it might seem a little drastic to blame it on jeans, I think at this point Pakistan has gotta consider absolutely every possible tactic to prevent quakes. Dress every bitch like a sack of flour if you got to. Put everything on the table. Cant have these bitches walkin around Islamabad in jeans like nuclear weapons and shit.

In keeping with the same theme, we also got the Indian chick who killed herself because she was forbidden to wear jeans, the kid who called 911 and said Deez Nuts, Chinese condoms are too small for Africa, and the dude who slapped elderly sneezing people