This Boomer Photog Says Team Social Media Employees Doing Their Jobs Are Everything Wrong With Sports Today

Wow, where to even begin here. When I saw this tweet, I was positive it was someone being facetious and mocking Big J Journalists who would discredit someone for being so bold as to do his job of getting photos and videos for social media accounts with millions of followers. But nope, that's actually what this boomer photographer was doing.

So in Brad Mangin's mind, everything wrong with covering sports today is the fact that one team/league-employed photographer was doing his job and it happened to be captured in one other guy's picture? What?

I've looked through thousands of professional sports photos as part of my job and this is literally the first time I've ever seen this happen — and even then, it doesn't bother me. Brad seems to think this is happening at a level that is going to put Getty Images out of business.

And the guy on the field is literally doing the same job! Is he just mad the MLB guy has better access? I'm assuming that guy captured this shot, which is objectively an astronomically better picture than anything anyone else in the stadium could have gotten.

Shots like that are why you have people who are allowed onto the field. But God forbid we have one photo "ruined" by somebody in the background.

It's 2020, old man. The people getting things for social are far more important than you will ever be again. Deal with it.