Pre Workout Review: "Total War" by Redcon1

Redcon1 sent me a whole care package and I am very thankful but let me reiterate I cannot be bought and I would 100% tell you my honest opinion on supplements. I cannot and will not be bought. 

Anyway, I was feeling like a little bitch on a Sunday with a lot of homework to do (I can't sit still for more than 15 mins unless I workout or exercise because if you can't tell I'm on the ADHD spectrum, and fuck ADHD meds they destroy gainz).

So I was feeling like a low T softy and may have accidentally drunk a hard seltzer at some point over Friday and Saturday which I believe are being pushed on the young male populace to kill testosterone to make sheeple who will say they hate Nickelback. Anyway after drinking this version which is premixed which is super convenient and also makes a greater spitter for the post-workout dip while doing homework. 

I drank this and was driving to the store and got hit with a great beta-alanine tingle that legitimately is the best because it makes you need to move or the itchiness is unbearable. I was straight up waiting in line at the grocery store with my post-workout meal twitching like a junkie. Then I got into my car and driving back home and started to get super pumped as "Snow Blind" by Ozzy was playing. 

I am going to be totally honest this stuff turned my day around and gave me the type of good adrenaline that I really crave now that my football career is over, I mean I rode the bench in college but I still lived for getting pumped up before the game and slapping the door frame running out the locker room. It was hype af. Anyway, this got me pretty hyped. 

To top it all off the endorphins and residual energy got me through my homework.



I got a pump in my legs and my biceps. Leg pumps are rare.



Heavy Beltless deep squats were getting serious depth and still powering through.

Pissed off attitude


They don’t call it Total War for anything. 

T-rex factor


Total War is a sick name and a hype aesthetic



Pink lemonade couldn't tell If it was pre-workout or Pink Whitney

Going to review their "Big Noise" Pump blend On a Friday arm farm and let yall know how that goes.