Boston OUI Lawyer Charged With An OUI After A Girl Falls Off A Boat Called “Naut Guilty” And Gets Her Arm Severed



Boston – A Boston attorney who spends his days representing defendants charged with operating under the influence is being arraigned today, accused of drunkenly operating a boat during an accident that resulted in a 19-year-old woman’s arm being cut off by the vessel’s propeller. Benjamin Urbelis, 33, of Charlestown, is being arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on charges of operating under the influence. According to The Boston Globe , the incident took place in Boston Harbor on Saturday night when a female passenger aboard the 29-foot boat—named the “Naut Guilty”—fell overboard.“As she tried to get back on the boat, her arm became caught in the propeller … Thirteen people were on board when the woman fell overboard near Spectacle Island,” The Globe reported. Firefighters were unable to retrieve the woman’s severed arm, according to The Globe. According to the site, Urbelis is part owner of Julep Bar, located in Boston’s Financial District, as well as a founder of Top Shelf Entertainment.


Yikes. So you’re telling me this girl’s arm got clean cut off her body? Is that what this article is saying? That is some horror movie type shit. It’s so nasty I’m not even going to make fun of the irony of this all. Like a DUI lawyer being charged with an OUI on a boat called “Naut Guilty.” Ordinarily that shit would write itself. Either way this looks like a case for Jack Diamond.