This Horse Blowing Out His Birthday Candles Then Celebrating Is An Absurdly Impressive Animal Trick


Dodo – For his birthday, JD the horse got a yummy cake and a crowd of humans singing “Happy Birthday.” And it definitely seems like he likes the special b-day attention.


Look at this guy just yukking it up after he perfectly blows out the candles, how do you even train an animal to do this? That’s amazing:


Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.57.40 AM


Dude may need a few double-sized white strips but you just have to love it. Happy birthday to this horse and Morgan Freeman (whom I imagine blows out his birthday candles in a very similar way).


PS Just for kicks, here’s the best animal trick I’ve got on my phone with my dogs. Gold Glove caliber mouth.



No clue why my hand lingered so long on the toss now but watching it back I have to presume it was for the sake of tremendous showmanship in a moment like this.