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The Chiefs Were Just Messing Around When They Tore Apart The Ravens Soul On National TV, Apparently Now Adding More To Their 'Simple' Playbook

This is such an unreal quote. The Chiefs deciding to treat the first couple games of the year like the preseason, running nothing crazy. A few halfback dives, a couple slants, maybe a corner route. Nothing crazy. But, then you remember exactly a week ago when Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes were deep in their bag: 

Simple stuff that every team runs. I, for one, love watching the Giants get unique and line up their fullback as a tight end, a receiver in the backfield and then roll your QB out just so the fullback can slip back in for a screen. Oh and your quarterback throws a perfect underhand spiral. Simple. 

That said, I want to see the Chiefs get even weirder. Fuck it, give me entertainment since the Giants suck. Let me see Mahomes throw a bunch of shit with his weak hand or underhand. Right now it's straight up unfair with Mahomes. Coaches can't punt, let alone kick a field goal. That said, I'm glad Andy Reid is no longer in Philly. He's so fun to cheer for and the combo of him and Eric Bieniemy are the definition of offensive savants. Now give me craziness. Give me plays I've never seen before and am staring like Frank the Tank Ricard at an Olive Garden waitress.