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Who Wants To Sex Mutombo?

Could I have wrote a headline that made more sense? 100%. But the 'who wants to sex Mutombo?' line is one of my favorite urban legends when it comes to sports. The thought of the gigantic man walking into a club, with that voice, screaming 'who wants to sex Mutombo' is unreal. It's the greatest pickup line in the history of pickup lines. It's only something Mutombo could get away with too. You can't say who wants to sex Reagan. I can't pull that off. You can't pull that off. 

Oh, right. The point of this. 

Mutombo's kid committed to Georgetown last night at 8:24. Pretty cool that he's following his dad's footsteps, but what's up with the name here. Dikembe Mutombo is arguably the greatest name in the history of the sport. Now we have Ryan Mutombo. Ryan? You can't go by Ryan here. Ask for a new name. Plus you can't be a good basketball player named Ryan. Think about it. Who is the best one out there? Ryan Anderson?  Ryan Gomes? Ryan Kelly? Woof. 

PS: No idea what this quote means

'We're bringing the Big East back.' Bringing it back to what? Villanova won 2 titles this decade for the Big East. We need Georgetown to be good. The sport is better when Georgetown is relevant but they ain't bringing the Big East back.