STOP Kink-Shaming This Bull Elk For Allegedly Getting Pegged!

If you follow the Barstool Outdoors IG account and saw this video, you may have read that caption and laughed and that is wrong.  Sure, I wouldn't blame you for not expecting to see this guy letting his old lady take the reins in the great grass bedroom, but that doesn't mean that caption is acceptable.  I want to make one thing clear right this very second:  Not a single soul should be kink-shaming this bull Elk for potentially trying to experiment with this move right here.  Now I know it may not be conventional, and I know everyone's first inclination is to point fingers and poke fun at this guy, because this may not be on the top of your list of things you'd expect to see by a majestic animal like a bull Elk, but we should be 100% accepting, not hateful towards him.  This move, which does indeed kiiiind of look like an activity that rhymes with "egging", is not something you may have ever partook in, or have even have high on your to-do list, but that doesn't mean he deserves any criticism!  I can accept other people's lives being different than mine and accept values being completely opposite from organism to organism.  Here are 3 reasons why:

1- He didn't ask anyone to film him and put it all over the internet.  In all likelihood, this was meant to be a private moment of self-discovery, NOT a publicly lambasted declaration of his sexual preferences!  If this was a case where he put it on his OnlyFans or accidentally posted it to his Instagram Story (shoutout to Jamal Murray) then maybe we could put it up for discussion.  In those cases, the conversation would have been started by the bull Elk himself!  It is nothing short of blasphemous however, to run up on him with the iPhone 11 Pro and put him on blast for all the world to see.  That ain't right brother.

2- Elk can't use the internet!  How is he supposed to know what is right or not right without doing what we like to call a little experimentation?  Ever heard of the phrase "if it feels good, do it"? Well there isn't a lot of Macbook's around for this guy to do google searches on to crowdsource information on different positions and practices.  Would you look at the rack on this dude?  He's obviously a hoofed Casanova and probably already done all the standard stuff there is to do with female elk, so he HAD to try and switch it up somehow.  Did he know this might be taboo to engage in publicly? NO! He had no idea because of the animal kingdom's lack of emphasis on technology, which is rooted in millions of years of evolution and not directly his fault.  This dude is doing some good old fashioned data gathering right here and in my book, that should never be counted against him.

3- This video is going to haunt him in future relationships for years to come and that's not fair!  Nobody wants to deal with baggage when it comes to meeting new people, and they definitely don't want to hear or see your past sexual escapades.  It doesn't matter if you are a Bull Elk or a Grammy Award winning Rapper...

Dirty laundry is never fun.  Imagine a couple years from now this big old boy is tromping around Montana and meets the lady of his dreams, she opens her Instagram one night, and BOOM - there it is!  This video hits her in the face like an arrow from a slightly off target hunter and she can't look at him the same ever again.  Every time they are deep in the forest mating, it pops up in the back of her mind and she can't perform the same with him ever again.  Its not a secret that everbody has past, and I'm sure any future cow Elk are super aware of that when they come into contact with a mature male who has almost definitely mated with a few of their friends before, that's life as an elk.  As the old saying goes however, any pegging videos they haven't explicitly seen can't hurt them, so we should have all kept this funny business off the record.

I urge you, good people of America, STOP KINK SHAMING THIS ELK!  It may very well be that he was allegedly doing some taboo experimentation, but its an honest action that he does not deserve criticism for.  Have a great day everybody.