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Speaking Of Big News...Kate And I Are Launching A Podcast!

The rumors are true, the world's first gay-pregnancy podcast has arrived! It was originally going to be just an LGBTQ podcast but we hit a bit of a "snag" earlier this month once Kate broke the news so we decided to pivot. Yes- we'll still be covering LGBT-related topics, but we'll also be covering Kate's journey as well as whatever else is trending on the internet at the moment. 

The show itself is called Out & About and it's something I've thought about doing for a while, but never had the balls to follow through on until now. 

Here's the tweet that got the ball rolling in my head...

I took some heat for it but I stand by everything I said. There are no common man voices in gay-media and this podcast is going to be that voice. So make sure to follow us on Twitter HERE and Instagram HERE as well as subscribe, rate, and review 





New episodes of Out & About drop every Wednesday starting on 10/14!