Baldy Did A Full Breakdown Of The Colts/Bears Game And It's Way Worse Than You Imagined

I've already done my fair share of bitching last night and this morning: 

But I feel like one more blog commemorating the Bears ass whipping yesterday would officially put me over the top. And this time we're talking about the sacred Monday morning Baldy Breakdown. Usually a 2-minute clip of him being positive and celebrating someone's greatness with all the common-man football jargon we know and love. Except this time it's the complete opposite as he repeatedly singles out every offensive lineman over the course of 5+ minutes for getting absolutely dominated. CHICAGO BEARS DEFENSE AT SOLDIER FIELD BY THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS he says, confidently, as Matt Nagy calls for 3 motions on 3rd-and-1 before running off tackle to the short side of the field. It's that kind of specificity I can do without when reflecting on this game. I'm trying to generalize and move on to Thursday night and this is the content I have to overcome. Detailed analysis of how much we suck. 

On the bright side, there really is no bright side. We got 3 days heading into a prime time against Tom Brady. Excuse me for not being overly jacked up that we have virtually no time to correct what appear to be some pretty awful mistakes. Hopefully there's a scapegoat brewing somewhere. God knows Bears' leadership could use one right now.