I Don't Think The Metro Door Is Supposed To Be Wide Open As The Train Is Going

Red Line, 11:15 am. Between Metro Center and Farragut North. (Via John)


I have an announcement to make: I’ve begun taking the Metro here and there. Even bought one of those refillable Metro cards. Only took me 2 years of living here, but I finally did it. I used to never take the Metro. Only took Ubers. But apparently that 25 dollar Uber ride is about 4 dollars if you take the Metro and I get there quicker. So I cut my losses and stated taking the Metro like a poor person. It’s true. I mean I’ll never take the Metro while drunk, that’s just insane. And especially because apparently it’s the norm for Metro doors to be wide open as it goes barreling down the tracks. I’m not a train conductor. In fact, I’ve never even siphoned methylamine from a passing train. So I’m not going to pretend to have extensive knowledge of the train game, but I do know the doors are supposed to shut before it gets going. That’s one thing I know about trains. Doors open=shouldn’t be zipping and zigging and zagging in and out of tunnels. But then again, maybe that’s part of the thrill of the Metro. You pay good money to take the Metro, maybe some people dig the extra excitement. Any second you can take a sharp turn and see someone fly into the great unknown and start a new life with the tunnel people. Which totally exist by the way.