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Deion Sanders Is Flabbergasted By Nick Foles' Nickname

There is being confused, there is being perplexed and then there is being full-blown flabbergasted. It is safe to say that Deion Sanders falls into the last category there.

That is the face of a man who truly could not understand why a man's nickname would have "Big Dick" in it. The face of a man who is probably wondering why he left a comfortable job at NFL Network to be asked about his own dick size by a man named "Big Cat." The face of a man questioning every single step he has made over the last few months that led him to this exact point.

Dave and Dan have managed to put Deion's brain in a pretzel on a weekly basis, whether it is Dave's over-the-top hatred for LeBron, Big Cat's unrequited love for the Baker Mayfield, or a variety of other things. Did he fully understand what he was getting himself into working here? Probably not. But that's the beauty of this company. Primetime and Pres chopping it up on a daily basis about Nick Foles' penis.

In reality, Deion has been an insanely good fit and contrary to the genuine level of confusion present in the above clips, seems to love all the time he gets to spend on set with Dave, Dan and Kayce and has been an absolute content MACHINE, putting out his weekly picks, this show, and a myriad of different content on a daily basis. Also, what a hang your nuts out move it is to have Roger Goodell on his first podcast episode.

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