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Bron Bron Doing Bron Bron Things: Yells At His Teammates About Giving Up, Walks Off The Court And Then Blatantly Lies To The World

Just a couple of days ago: 

Ohhh would you look at that. Bron Bron is such a fucking liar and hypocrite man. Just flat out say you quit because Jimmy Butler kicked your ass. Get out of here with the 'I lost track of time.' Dude, you're one of the best players in the history of basketball. You don't just forget time unless you're Chris Webber and add the word out there. Spare me the 'oh it was both' or whatever. I don't even care about being a sore loser, it shows he at least cares. But don't give me the yelling at your teammates about not giving up because the series isn't over and then this interview bullshit. 

There was nothing better than watching the difference in Jimmy Butler vs LeBron here. I know it's impossible to switch personalities, but that's the difference for LeBron. If he has that Jimmy Butler fuck you at all times attitude, we'd be talking about him so different. But instead he lets Markieff Morris switch onto Butler during crunch time ball screens. 

I'd be frustrated too if I had 8 turnovers. Oh, wait, nope, that was what LeBron had last night.