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Joe Burrow Got the Game Ball From His First Career Win and Put It Back in the Bag to Be Used Next Week Because 'It Was a Really Good Ball'

You might think the game ball from your first ever NFL win is something most No. 1 overall picks would like to keep and put somewhere in their trophy case. Not Joe Burrow.

After the Bengals' 33-25 win over the Jaguars, Burrow's 300-yard performance earned him the game ball from his first career victory as a starting quarterback in the NFL. But he apparently felt the ball had something to do with that, because he wasn't willing to part with it.

Pro Football Talk — “It was a really good football, so I just threw it right back in with the other game balls so we don’t lose it,” Burrow told PFT by phone after the 33-25 win over Jacksonville.

“[W]e’re gonna use it for the game next week,” Burrow added. “You only get so may. You’ve got to keep them when you can.”

Uhh ... sure? I'm pretty sure they can get enough balls the way you like them to get through the next few games, Joe. But hey, whatever works, I guess.

With Cincinnati's next game a road trip to Baltimore, Burrow is going to need all the help he can possibly get — even if it's from the footballs.