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The Cowboys Stink And Everyone Should Be Fired


What a world. In no universe did I think the Cowboys would lose this game. I thought it would be close (and it mostly wasn't), I was worried about Myles Garrett (mostly correct), but jeez, I did not think I would watch a heaping, steaming, pile of trash vomit masquerading as the Dallas Cowboys' defense. A Cowboys defense that gave up 31 POINTS in the first half. 

That was just ugly. After coming back, no SCRAPING and clawing back, in a way that was the stuff of legends, Greg Zuerlein "watermelon kicked" the ball to the 50 yard line, setting up OBJ to perform for a donkey punch of a trick play to seal this one for good. 

Special Teams? Terrible. Secondary? Downright despicable. Defensive line? Not great. This team couldn't stop ANYTHING. You had guys who are 4th string running backs out here looking like Ezekiel Elliott. Well, not today because Zeke was largely as effective as our defense. A defense that gave up 307 rushing yards, most of them AFTER Nick Chubb got hurt. 307 YARDS. Three different Browns had runs of over 20 yards. WTF

Fire everyone. But of course, because it’s the Cowboys, Jerry won't.

We’re on to New York (New Jersey but you know what I mean). Who knows what to expect from that game except Dallas will score at least five touchdowns and may still lose the game.

Fuck. My. Life.