The Most Underrated Artist on the Internet

About 20 minutes ago I was casually scrolling through Tik Tok when I stumbled across something that I think everyone needs to see.

I'm not much of an art guy, but I do feel that a talented artists work should never go unnoticed. So here I am scrolling Tik Tok on this nice Sunday afternoon when something catches my eye. A beautiful painting from a young up and coming artist who goes by the name "The Beef Daddy." The Beef Daddy doesn't only practice traditional art (painting, drawing, etc.) He also practices a more mature and abstract form of art (porn, He is a man of many talents. 

Today I would like to talk about some of his art work, more specifically a painting that I noticed in the background of one of his videos. 

I'm not talking about the three paintings front and center (which he did paint), I'm talking about the one all the way to the right that looks like a series of messy smudges and splashes that I can only assume was painted by some sort of young child. 

Clearly he is a pretty skilled painter based on the first three paintings...but what about the fourth? Is there a deeper meaning? Is there some sort of history behind it? I needed to know. 

Luckily, I wasn't the only Beef Daddy fan who was curious about this. 

I would like to thank our friend "@rolandorolandoart" on Tik Tok for asking the question we were all dying to know. "Who painted those behind you?"

The Beef Daddy aka The Steak Daddy, being the great guy that he is, decided to reply to this question with another video explaining the amazing history behind this painting. 

So, basically the Beef Daddy aka The Steak Daddy, fully submerged his cock in paint and rubbed it around on a canvas creating the absolute masterpiece we see now. 

He even gave us a little behind the scenes recap of how he got that "explosive cum shot" look on the canvas where he states that he did in fact get paint in his urethra and he did pee blue for three weeks.

Peeing blue and shoving blue paint down your urethra is just one of the many sacrifices you have to make to succeed in the art world. It's really about who wants it more. 

"If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark…and brother… it's starting to rain" - The Beef Daddy

Now, I know what you're probably thinking. "Where the fuck can I get one of these paintings? This would fit great above the mantle in my living room." Well you're in luck. 

These are currently going for $350 (I believe you can pay extra for a video of how it's actually made) on The Beef Daddy's instagram "@Dicaso_Shop." 

I actually just ordered one of these paintings for my girlfriend as a surprise. I can't wait to see the look on her face when an original Beef Daddy "Painting with my Piece" painting arrives at her door step in 6-8 months.

Thank you Beef Daddy and best of luck to you as your rapidly progress in your art career.