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Throwing Up a Peace Sign and Getting Tackled Should Be a Mandatory One-Game Suspension


Abilene Christian wide receiver Lionell McConnell thought he was gone to give the Wildcats their first score of the game against Army. So much so that he threw up a peace sign to the Black Knights' defense while he was still 25 yards from the end zone. Unfortunately for him, there was an Army defender right on his tail who hawed him down immediately after.

You simply cannot throw up the Tyreek Hill peace sign and then get tracked down less than a second later. I would submit this act should be treated just like targeting. if it occurs in the first half, you're done for the game. And if it occurs in the second half, you're done until halftime of the following week.

And to do this to the troops?! While you're down 23-0?! Unacceptable.

McConnell has to learn a lesson somehow. Take a seat.