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Cam Newton Is OUT Against The Chiefs After Testing Positive For COVID-19

First and foremost, I hope Cam makes a full recovery and that this isn't the start of the second outbreak in the NFL. 

Secondly: FUCK. What happened to the NFL this week? The Titans reported three more new cases this morning. The Vikings keep posting negative tests since shutting things down on Tuesday. And now Cam is out for the highly anticipated game against the Chiefs. If this were a weekday you'd hear no less than 45 calls into 98.5 asking if this is a galaxy brain move by Belichick to sit Cam against the biggest competition in the AFC so that they couldn't get a good look at him causing Felger to have an aneurysm live on air. Obviously that's not the case here (though I'm sure BB has spoken to every doctor in New England trying to find some way to game the system) and all I want is QB1 to get back to 100%. I know Cam is a superhuman athlete so the odds weigh heavily in his favor for a full recovery, but after seeing Eduardo Rodriguez's career hang in the balance for the last four months I refuse to assume everything is guaranteed to be OK. 

Now who is excited for Patrick Mahomes vs. *checks notes* Brian Hoyer??? (If the game even happens at all now? Who knows. Fuck 2020. All my friends hate 2020.)