We Have Found Rear Admiral's Long Lost Son

We have officially found Rear Admiral's long lost son. RA, who is infamous for sneaking into Stanley Cup celebrations, does not have any known children, but there is absolutely ZERO chance the kid in the video above didn't come from RA sperm. You don't just learn how to sneak into Stanley Cup celebrations, it is something you are born with. I believe RA has been in 3 or 4 Cup celebrations. He has even raised the Cup over his head in the locker room. The guy is the Wayne Gretzky of sneaking into shit.

But I think we are now seeing the passing of the torch. Now that RA is a Big J journalist and host of the biggest hockey podcast in the world, he isn't sneaking anywhere in an NHL arena. His days of living in the shadows are over. This kid on the other hand, is now 2 for 2 in the previous two seasons. One of them being played in a god damn global pandemic. Incredible stuff and i'm sure RA is happy to pass the torch to a legend like this.