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the cubs suck

Whats the point of me even caring when I know half the people getting paychecks from the Cubs top down literally don't give a fuck. But I'll try anyways. I promise I'll try. I know not everyone around this city right now can say the same but you better believe I'm going to try. Because holy hell what we've watched since the Cubs have won the World Series has been nothing short of completely and utterly devastating. 

Rizzo Baez and Bryant are a combined 19-141 in the postseason with 51 strikeouts and 6 walks since winning the title. It's an embarrassment to even think about how good this team looks on paper when you show up every single fucking september and october and watch it fall apart. I'm obviously devastated. It's one thing to lose but it's another thing to score 1 goddamn run in a playoff series. It's another thing to waste two quality starts. It's another thing to just be completely flat year after year in the biggest moments of the season. I just don't get how every single player fails to get better since getting good. Makes no sense. 

Where do we go from here? Hopefully to the amazon river basin for a deep hallucinogenic ayahuasca trip with some local tribe to find the answers to all these problems. Chances are the old spreadsheet and 30mg of adderall Monday-Sunday from now until Spring Training won't cut it like it use to. Let's get weird then. Let's get deep and search for the true meaning of our miserable progress. That's the only reasonable solution I can offer right now while I bulldoze my way through a case of domestic. At least GTLF is there when I need it. Thank you for giving me space in this time. 

PS - overall pretty sun season all bullshit included other than getting fucking murdered by the Marlins this postseason