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This 6'2" 10-Year-Old WR in Total Beast Mode Takes You Into the Weekend

Total Pro Sports - Something about this just feels illegal.

On Friday, social media was introduced to a 10-year-old playing pee wee football, but this wasn’t your regular 10-year-old kid.

He stands at 6’2″ and from the video below, plays at wide receiver. Despite his size, one brave tackler still brought him down on the field of play.

Say what you will about this kid, and God knows Twitter has a lot to say:

And believe me, as someone who coached in a league with a weight limit, where kids had to get on the scale in order to be on the roster and then weigh in before each and every game, and if you tipped the scale your options were to sit or play up a grade, I know coaches who would've recruited a kid like this like a Power Conference school. There'd be cash payments and and gaming chairs for him and jewelry and a car for his parents. With good reason. 

But if I'm scouting that game, I'm signing whoever made that tackle. And I wish like hell the video showed it because all I saw was 11 kids who couldn't match his size combined if they joined together like army ants making a formation to take down a grasshopper or something. Give me a 10-year-old who's willing to put his shoulder pad into a kid who's bigger than your average NFL running back and I'll beat any team in town. Taking on a kid that big is not for the feint of heart. And that kind of fearless, banshee warrior spirit will take over an entire defense. Hell, give me that wideout who was throwing blocks for Gigantor here and I'll take my chances against any one and anything you can throw at me. 

That said, there's no way this kid doesn't end up playing for Nick Saban. He's probably already signed his letter of intent. Have a great weekend, if such a thing is still possible.